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Transformation and ground-buried engineering of overhead cables of Shanxi roads

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  There are totally more than 400 roads presenting the phenomenon of “spider web in the air” in Taiyuan City, these various bundled communication wires and cables are interweaved with each other thickly with more than ten lines for each bundle, which can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleyways of Taiyuan, not only becomes low-level black pollution of the city, but also causes harmful effect to power and communication security, even may endanger the life of passerby and nearby resident.

  For such reason, Taiyuan City has regarded as the communication wires and cables transformation and ground-buried as a key project so as to transform these “spider web in the air” in stages and batches since 2016, specifically, to reform the overhead cables of the city not listed into the scope of road reconstruction within the scope of downtown.


  After knowing such project, our company immediately organized staff to positively participate in the government purchasing by invitation to bid, and at last, our company won such project with excellent price, good service and reputation. At present, the ground-buried transformation for the first batch of roads, such as, Xinjian Road, Hanxiguan Street, Shuiximen Street and Shuixiguan Street has been basically completed.

  At present, the cable ground-buried transformation of the second batch of 94 roads in Taiyuan City has been comprehensively carried out, and it is expected to basically complete it within this year. Transformation scope is mainly specific to double-tower south road, Wucheng east road, Donggang Road and other 94 roads within the scope of the south of north intermediate-ring Street, the north of south intermediate-ring street, the east of Binhe east road and the wets of east intermediate-ring Street. During transformation, the rest communication cables and wires employing weal current should be laid into ground excepting for charging line.

  On the occasion, cables on the hundreds of cables within the scope of four intermediate-ring roads are transformed to lay into ground, “spider web in the air” will be gradually eliminate, various faults will drop, and power grid operation will be safer.

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