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Both to the men, the wind and waves, casting bright Plains.

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  Both to the men, the wind and waves, casting bright Plains. Historical vicissitudes, innovative breakthroughs, spectral extraordinary chapter. Torrents of water, witnessed the development of Chinese civilization, vertical and horizontal thousands of miles of land, feeding the national economic development and innovation. In the ancient capital of nine dynasties, Luoyang, this piece of land rich in history, his constant innovation and breakthrough, adhere to the tireless, upstream, after more than ten years of sharpening, he lit up this piece of the Central Plains, to send thousands of families I went to the light, his reputation spread throughout the vast land of China, all over the world. - China · extraordinary Cable Group

  To survive integrity, professional and development, seeking to assume responsibility, to win the world total -! China · extraordinary Cable Group

  China · extraordinary Cable Group, founded in 2007, is headquartered in towns Qu Gu Zhai Industrial Zone, Luoyang City Yanshi City, 90 kilometers east of commerce Zhengzhou, Luoyang west 30 km south Songshan Shaolin, surging Beitiao Yellow River. 310 State Road, Lin Huo-speed, the Longhai Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway, which runs through, convenient transportation, logistics development, scientific and cultural heritage. After continuous innovation and development, has become China's extraordinary cable cable industry brand.

  China · extraordinary Cable Group administered: Hailan shield Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Xi'an extraordinary cable, Luoyang extraordinary Steel Co., Ltd. Copper Co., Ltd. Dingfeng Yanshi, Henan love Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Science and Technology Dade Trade Co., Ltd. 6 core subsidiaries, the Group has research and development centers, copper and aluminum processing, wire and cable manufacturers commissioned. Group covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a total registered capital of 120 million yuan, the cumulative total investment reached 220 million yuan. In recent years, from the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment more than 130, forming a pipeline operation, the production equipment to domestic and international first-class level. The company has advanced detection and test equipment, inspection agency standardization for high-quality products provides a fundamental guarantee. Over the years, both inside and outside the provincial quality inspection departments at all levels of product sampling, the pass rate was one hundred percent.

  The company has access to national ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, the State Quality and Technical Supervision issued by the adoption of international standards of product certification mark, the national compulsory 3C product quality certification, the national industrial production permit, Henan Electric Wire & Cable Association governing units, country love enterprises, the contract Shou-credit enterprises, Henan Province, well-known brands such as the honorary title of honor is inseparable from a series of brilliant people behind the extraordinary struggle. Extraordinary Cable Group's existing senior management staff of 18 people, technical staff of 36 people, employees 360 people. Pioneering and innovative, and difficulties working style interpretation of the head is an extraordinary person. The extraordinary people of integrity, professionalism, responsibility, win-win spirit of enterprise in the practical application of the outbreak of a strong vitality! ! !

  Companies grasp the market demand, the effort to serve the community, professional production: 0.6KV-1KV low voltage power cables, 6 KV-35 KV high-voltage power cable, 1 KV-10 KV overhead insulated cables, aluminum wire and ACSR, refractory cable, flame retardant cable, inverter cable, LSZH cable, prefabricated branch cable, plastic insulated control cables, mining cables, rubber sheathed cables, communication wires and cables, wires and other cloth dozens of models, hundreds of kinds of specifications and thousands of wire and cable products, exported to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Has the service of the real estate industry, aviation industry, high-speed rail, the national rural power grids, construction of the country's new energy, petrochemical and other national key projects and large enterprises of wire and cable tasks.

  This is a dynamic and passionate team, this is a positive and innovative organization, which is a fertile ground for hope, here is imbued with the quality of the service to pursue higher standards. Extraordinary Cable Group adhering to the "continuous improvement and strive to perfect for our customers to provide quality products and services," the quality, and the pursuit of producing high-quality products that have been consistent. Extraordinary Direct Cable Group sales companies throughout the country, has opened outlets, distribution, and service centers in more than 300 cities of Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Hefei, Lanzhou, etc., to solve customer problems and sincere service to consumer.

  Enterprise is part of the social organization, the core value of the business is his social value, extraordinary Cable Group in the community to provide high-quality products and services at the same time do not forget the back of employees contribute to the community, also bear the corresponding social responsibilities.

  Here is imbued with a rich cultural heritage atmosphere, always exudes charm and harmonious modern, quality office environment, garden-like plant design, allowing employees to work happily, happily starting to ideal! ! !

  Years of cultural nourishment, the combination of extraordinary cable vibrant enterprise culture, pioneers of the spirit of innovation and aggressive fighting spirit, team spirit of mutual cooperation, open spirit through rivers and seas, together, become today's extraordinary progressive inexhaustible and power source.

  "Extraordinary cable extraordinary quality," In the future, the company under the efforts of all staff, we firmly believe that hard work to win the future, innovation and dreams come true. Looking ahead, the extraordinary cable will adhere to professional development strategies, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative. The company is "as good as our service and quality" as the target, adhere to first-class management, production-class products and provide excellent service, create first-class enterprises, "extraordinary dream" to contribute more forces.

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